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Tribest Humio Humidifier & Night Lamp w/ Aroma Oil Compartment

Tribest Humio Humidifier & Night Lamp w/ Aroma Oil Compartment

SKU: HU-1020-A
C$129.00 Regular Price
C$103.20Sale Price

When used as a humidifier

  • You can choose between two levels of humidity - high and low
  • The ultrasonic sound vibrations, created by a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency, adjusts to silently release moisture into the air providing quiet operation, optimum convenience and unsurpassed air quality

When used as a night lamp,

  • Can stream through a sequence of colors or be paused to adjust to your favorite shade of red, green, or blue
  • The embedded LED lights at the base are designed to provide the proper shade of lighting which soothes and relaxes the senses without generating heat or using excess energy
  • Additionally, the LED lighting mechanism will flash red when the water tank is empty, alerting you to add water when used simultaneously as a humidifier


  • 360° Rotating Mist Outlet – A rotating nozzle designed to easily change the direction of the mist. Covers between 80-100 square feet.
  • Removable Neck - Unscrews for easier cleaning and can be used as a handle when transporting the water tank for refills.
  • Half Gallon Water Tank – Approx. stores up to 2L (.5 gal) of distilled water for up to 10 hours of use per tank.
  • Cleaning Brush – Neatly nested in the base for simple storage. Use to clean Humio as needed.
  • Positioning Points – Identifies the correct position where the water tanks rests on the base.
  • Easy Push Button Controls – Adjust Humio to your desired setting with the touch of a button. Each function can operate independently and can be used simultaneously.